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Samsung Printers: Green or Mean?

This month’s “Angry Pucker Environmental Crime Award” goes to Samsung, for building a colour-laser printer that tells you it’s ink cartridges are empty when they’re not, and won’t let you print until you buy a new one.  Then, after you’ve bought the new cartridge the printer was bitching about (cyan, in case you were wondering) the printer is STILL not happy… now it needs a new “drum”  ($170!!!).  And you know what?  There’s nothing wrong with the drum!  Samsung built a counter into it so that it will self destruct after 6000 pages, even if there was nothing wrong with it.

Ecological vandals?  Greed beyond reason?  If you look at the resources that go into these high-tech printer cartridges that aren’t really empty, and the other printer parts that aren’t really broken, and the money that is needlessly sucked from your pocket, I’m sure you will agree.  Such companies truly do belong in the Environmental Crime Files…